Proactive IT support

If your company needs someone to take full responsibility for your IT, then MogIT is for you. Leaving your IT systems to us gives you the ability to focus on your core business, just as you would if you had an in-house team – except for a fraction of the cost. But what we can offer is more than just support, our proactive approach to IT support will ensure that we understand your business and provide the advice and recommendations to keep your IT delivering value to the business.

Initially we will meet with you to discuss your needs and/or concerns and survey your current IT systems. We will then offer you a tailored package to suit your needs and provide peace of mind.

We can offer 24/7 on-site and remote support with a guaranteed response time so you are not left high and dry. We are happy to support bespoke systems/equipment unique to your industry and also liaise with any 3rd party companies you currently use.


Adhoc Pay As You Go Support

Many of our clients like to know we are there when they need us, but do not feel a monthly support contract is required.  This isn’t a problem, we are still there to help when the need arises. Whether this be a fault that has occurred or a new hardware/software installation.

If you would like to discuss how MogIT can help with your IT Systems then contact us for more information and obtain a quotation.



We are a Dropbox Select partner and can provide business continuity and collaboration tools using this cloud based server replacement solution. We offer trained support for you to get the most out of the product and ensure your users maximise on their potential.



Avast Business provides integrated, enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for businesses.  Backed by the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection network in the world, the Avast Business security portfolio makes it easy and affordable to secure, manage, and monitor your complex IT networks. The result is superior protection that businesses can count on.



With TeamViewer we offer live, unattended technical support and assistance. We’ll be able to help you troubleshoot and find your IT fault without the need of a visit to get you up and running with minimal fuss and delay. It offers state of the art security for your protection.


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